Building Envelope Performance

Because the whole-building shell or envelope performance approach is a fairly new concept, not everyone is familiar with it. It goes against traditional building practice, which is based on specialty trades: a different contractor for every task.

The old approach to building construction and maintenance left unchecked can leave the overall energy performance of building lacking, both inside and out. Regardless of the heating and cooling methods used in a building, the first step in energy savings is to detect and correct how a building performs regarding thermal and air transmission, leakage and infiltration. As a building performance contractor, we have persons trained and equipped to test buildings, see where problems exist and recommend how to remedy them.

We follow Energy Star guidelines when detecting ways to improve the performance of the building shell or envelope. These are available on

Options & Services

Air Leaks & heat Gain/Loss Reduction Options

Reducing Supplement Heating & Cooling Loads, Lowering Costs

  • Repair Windows
  • Window Film
  • Replace Windows
  • Caulk Cracks
  • Repair Insulation
  • Add Insulation
  • Add Air Curtains
  • Radiant Barrier Paint & Coatings
  • Seal Penetrations
  • Repair Weather Stripping
  • Add Awnings or Windows Shade
  • Door Replacement
  • Insulate Tanks & Pipes