Upgrades to wastewater treatment for water, sewage, sate and raw materials management need not only technological advances but improvements in reliability, operational costs and performance.

Water is the most significant and precious resource we have and is quickly becoming one of the scarcest. As we move forward the demand for clean water will become more demanding. With new contaminant challenges and population increases, the availability of usable clean water will become one of the most important issues of our time.

Wastewater treatment processes are not only in need of being updated but present a challenge to all industries public or private.

The technology utilizes cavitation paired with the power of an Advance Oxidation Process (AOP). The cavitation generated through the use of ultrasound causes extremely high local pressures and temperatures without increasing the liquid temperature above ambient level. These local effects result in the breakdown of solids and aid in the efficient use of ozone in the AOP.